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Xumm wallet to rebrand as Xaman

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XRPL Labs has embarked on a remarkable journey with Xumm, surpassing milestones that were once mere aspirations. Now, the company has evolved beyond its lab stage and stands on the precipice of an exciting new chapter. In an announcement that exudes anticipation and enthusiasm, XRPL Labs revealed its rebranding to Xaman.

The new name reflects the company's growing focus on the retail sector and its mission to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance.

On the Xumm website, Maaike van der Veen, Chief Business Officer at XRPL Labs stated they are excited to announce the rebranding of Xumm to Xaman.

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A new dawn

Maaike van der Veen, Chief Business Officer at XRPL Labs, commented on the rebranding, "Transitioning to Xaman underscores our commitment to revolutionize the retail sector. Our current partnerships with e-commerce platforms and our successful point-of-sale solutions highlight our dedication. This rebranding further aligns us with our goal to bridge the gap between crypto and retail, helping smooth adoption and growth."

The choice of the name Xaman is not accidental. The Maya god of merchants, trade, business, and economy, Xaman encapsulates XRPL Labs' goal of seamlessly blending retail and crypto. The new name also reflects the company's evolution from a lab concept into a fully-realized XRPL powerhouse.

"This new era doesn't merely represent a name change," said van der Veen. "It symbolizes our transition from a lab concept into a fully-realized XRPL powerhouse. While we'll always maintain our pioneering spirit, this shift acknowledges our growth, maturity, and readiness to embrace future challenges and opportunities."

The rebranding to Xaman is also a way for the company to stand out from other companies in the crypto space. There are a number of companies with similar names to Xumm, and the new name will help to prevent any future confusion.

As the team project significant retail growth in the years to come, they recognized the need to take this decisive step sooner. 

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The road ahead

The transition to Xaman will be a gradual process, balancing the company's history with its exciting future. XRPL Labs will continue to operate under its current name until the transition is complete.

"We are excited to have you join us on this momentous journey," said van der Veen. "Your continued support empowers us to strive forward, revolutionizing the crypto and retail spaces, one step at a time."

As XRPL Labs evolves into Xaman, the company assures its users that its commitment to innovation, security, and superior user experience will continue to strengthen. The functionality and operations of all previously XRPL Labs/Xumm products, such as Tangem cards, will remain the same.

The company reiterated "We are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience" and that their rebranding "is a reflection of their continued commitment to innovation and our mission to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance."

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